We Know the Montney

At Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL), we’ve been studying the Montney since its inception. Whether you’re just getting started in Canada, or currently operating in the Montney, we help identify opportunities and risks by answering important questions:

  • What are the controls on reservoir development?
  • How can sweet spots be predicted?
  • How do effective porosity and hydrocarbon saturation impact original gas-in-place (OGIP) and potential ultimate recovery?

CDL maintains the largest independent store of publicly available Montney data, intelligence and expertise. To date, we have completed seven regional integrated Montney geoscience studies and over 30 Montney consulting projects. We’ve analyzed approximately 700 cores, correlated over 8,000 wells and evaluated over 7,000 hydrogeological tests. Plus we’ve published over 200 Montney articles in the Digest, evaluated 6,000 Montney completions and developed reliable, type-curve derived Montney EURs for all relevant horizontal wells!

Explore some of our Montney work below or contact us to discuss exclusive consultancy and consortia options.

Detailed Technical Studies

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Custom Solutions

Need something more than our off-the-shelf solutions? For over 30 years, CDL has worked with clients to explore new basins, optimize operations and assess opportunities in Western Canada, the U.S. and around the world. If you're working in the Montney, contact us to discuss exclusive consultancy and consortia options for your operations.

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